Reliv Independent Distributor
My name is Margie Tippetts, I suffered with headaches for over 20 years.  I would have them every two weeks and they would always follow the same pattern lasting two days and nights. They started in my 12th year of teaching in the high school.  After searching and trying everything for 10 years and not finding answers I took early retirement and searched another 10 years for answers to no avail.  I had given up when someone told me about Reliv.  I thought there was no possibility it would help because I had done a lot with nutrition.  I gave it a try and within a short time I noticed my headaches had lessened and were not as severe.  I never wanted to be without the products and I wanted the best price, so we bought a master affiliate order.   I was so excited I was telling everyone who meant the most to me about Reliv.  My first month in the business I received  a bonus for being 3rd in the nation that month.  Twenty months in the business we were invited into the ambassador program.   What a blessing that was because as we were invited into the ambassador program I became a widow, and this income really made a difference.  I love Reliv and never want to be without it. One of the things I love about it is the freedom it gives me. As an artist I have been able to spend time painting and being of service and available to help other people.